By Joe and Margy Johnson

- Recycled Racers Greyhound adopters and volunteers.


Thorne's Story
A Greyhound's Fight Against Bone Cancer

- October 2003 Update! -

(please read the November 2004 Update on Thorne's progress)

Cody and Thorne.            Thorne snoozing on the couch.            Thorne, the 3 legged wonder dog!

We wanted to take a few minutes to update everyone on Thorne, our Greyhound who lost his back leg to osteosarcoma bone cancer last year (2002).  Since "Thorne�s Story" first appeared on the Recycled Racers web site, we have received emails from all over the United States and Canada.  Some were from people facing similar situations with their Greyhounds and others were from people offering support and good wishes for Thorne�s recovery.

It will be one year on November 8, 2003, since Thorne�s original diagnosis of bone cancer, leg amputation and chemotherapy treatments.  His next check up is scheduled for November 17, 2003.  Thorne has had a check up every three months at Alameda East Veterinary Hospital with Dr. Santen.  We are glad to report that he continues to be cancer free and healthy!

Thorne is now back to his old behaviors and personality.  He even acts like his fourth leg which was amputated, was only optional!  He gets excited about treats (he has re-learned to sit for them), and about going for a W-A-L-K.  You should see him jump around like crazy when it is time to go to the park.  Thorne goes down stairs with no problem but still has some problems going up the stairs.  Although stairs are a bit scary for him, he always manages to make it.  Thorne didn't like slick floors even with 4 legs and really doesn�t like them now.  Throughout this whole ordeal of illness and recovery he has been very courageous and managed to overcome each obstacle.

It has been a scary and very expensive journey but the outcome has been well worth it.  As always, a special thank you to all the staff at Alameda East Veterinary Hospital.  They have been truly caring, supportive and seem as happy and thankful as we are when Thorne�s check ups are good.  We hope that every pet owner is fortunate enough to have as good a group of doctors caring for the four (or three) legged members of their family.

We continue to thank everyone for their prayers, support and kind thoughts.

Joe and Margy Johnson


*Web Master's note: I am very sorry to report that Margy and Joe's other Greyhound, Cody passed away on 11/18/03.  In December 2003 they adopted a female Greyhound, Wendi, to keep Thorne company.

If you are interested in learning more about canine cancer, please read the article, 'Canine Osteosarcoma' written and published by Mar Vista Animal Medical Center or you can contact a local veterinary oncologist.

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