By Joe and Margy Johnson

- Recycled Racers Greyhound adopters and volunteers.


Thorne's Story
A Greyhound's Fight Against Bone Cancer

- November 2004 Update! -

(please read the Final Update February 2005)

Thorne and Wendi share a bed.    Thorne in his jammies.    Thorne and Wendi napping.

We wanted to update everyone on our Greyhound, Thorne, who lost his hind leg to Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in 2002. 

November 8, 2004, marked two years since Thorne�s original diagnosis of bone cancer, leg amputation and chemotherapy.  We are very happy to report that he continues to be cancer free.

He recently battled a serious virus which put him in the animal hospital for a few days.  Thorne had stopped eating and had lost weight and strength.  We were relieved when tests and x-rays showed that the cancer had not returned, but still worried about his symptoms.  After a few days under the vet's care, his fever went down, he started to eat a little again and he was stronger, so we brought him home to recuperate.  He was on amoxicillin for another 10 days.

Wendi, our female Greyhound, was overjoyed to see her Thorne home again!  She sniffed him thoroughly upon his return and she lays on the dog bed next to him constantly.

With some good rest, care and the love of his family, Thorne has recovered from the virus and has slowly regained his appetite and strength.  Now on our walks he even stops to kick grass after peeing, (it's the little things that make us happy).

Since "Thorne�s Story" first appeared on this web site, we have received many thoughtful emails.  Thank you again to everyone for their kind words and prayers over these last two years.

Margy and Joe Johnson


*Web Master's note: Margy and Joe's other Greyhound, Cody passed away on 11/18/03.  In December 2003 they adopted a beautiful Blue female Greyhound, Wendi, to keep Thorne company.

If you are interested in learning more about canine cancer, please read the article, 'Canine Osteosarcoma' written and published by Mar Vista Animal Medical Center or you can contact a local veterinary oncologist.

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