By Shelly Brown

- Recycled Racers Greyhound adopter and volunteer.


Why I Became a Greyhound Adopter

Maggie, Gus, Winston and Shelly. My first exposure to the Greyhound breed was years ago at a pet store Meet-n-Greet.  A friendly, brindle Greyhound helped me pick out the best toy to buy for my friend´┐Żs dog.  As I left, he happily followed me out the door, like we had been friends all our lives.  I couldn't resist the charm of the breed, and knew I would adopt one at my first opportunity.

It took eleven years to be in a position to adopt one of these beautiful Greyhounds.  I located Recycled Racers and visited their kennel.  There was a pretty brindle girl named Grayling who was having trouble being adopted.  She was a bossy girl and did not have the wiggly, lovie-dovie appeal that the others up for adoption had.  I could see her potential to love shine in her eyes.  The more times I visited, the more we became attached to each other.

I came to suffer from the "potato chip" syndrome that all Greyhound owners suffer (you can't stop at just one!).  Pretty soon, Grayling picked out her new friend, River Mag.  All the Greyhound colors are gorgeous, but I love Maggie's brindle spots in her white angora-soft coat.  She is a sweet little girl, and sits in my lap at Recycled Racers events and Meet-n-Greets.

My first Greyhound, Grayling was my Velcro-hound for nearly two years, and never let me out of her sight when she could help it.  Though she has passed away, I love her to this day and miss her incredibly.  After Grayling passed away, Maggie wanted a new buddy.  So, the Recycled Racers adoption coordinator, put Seven Up (Gus) in my car and every day he loves us more than the last, and we feel the same way.  He is loyal and loving and he has the softest, most velvety coat of any Greyhound I know.

I volunteer for Recycled Racers whenever I can, and I used to do a once weekly turn-out of the Greyhound adoptees, letting them go out to play and potty.  Every time I went, there was a Greyhound I wanted to take home.  I soon fell in love with Sir WW Winston, a big, beautiful Red Fawn male.  I said I was just going to foster him, to get him prepared for life in an adopter's home.  That was years ago, and that big sweetie is still on my couch.  I love him far too much to let him go.  I flunked "Fostering 101".

I would be lost without my three buddies.  They fill every day with love and happiness and help me 'keep it simple' by reminding me that life is all about having a favorite toy, a cookie now and then, and being happy to have the people that love you in your life.

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