By Candy Kirby

- Recycled Racers Greyhound adopter in Montana.


How I became a Retired Greyhound Adopter

Reason, Ruby and Candy. My husband and I raced thoroughbred horses for five years, but became concerned with the brutality of the racetrack.  So we retired our last four race horses to our forty acres here in Helena, Montana.  A year later, we separated and I knew what I really wanted to do...adopt an ex-racing Greyhound!  I had been thinking about Greyhound adoption for a long time, but had never been in the right circumstances that would allow it.  Now, I could!

I searched for a house with a big backyard with either a 6 foot safety fence or other dog-safe enclosure.  In September 1997, I found the perfect house and took a trip to Denver, Colorado that same week.  While in Denver, I found the phone number for Recycled Racers Greyhound adoption and talked with their Adoption Coordinator about the details of adopting a Greyhound.  With winter coming on and a new job, I delayed a decision until the following May.

The next spring, with my friend�s husband in tow, I began the long 13 hour drive to Denver, Colorado.  Recycled Racers called to say they had a small black female Greyhound by the racing name of MJ's Fantasy.  She was already spayed and was ready to be adopted.  I was told that MJ's Fantasy would be the perfect Greyhound for me.  I couldn't make the car go fast enough!  I was definitely guilty of speeding across the Wyoming flats. 

We arrived in Denver late, so after an overnight stay at a friend�s house, we drove to the Recycled Racers adoption kennel bright and early the next morning.  I picked up my Greyhound girl at 6:30 in the morning, so we could start the long drive back to Montana right away.  As soon as we were led into the adoption kennel turn-out yard, I knew which one was my little girl.  She was shy...hanging back from everyone else, but so, so beautiful!  I decided to call her Ruby, the name seemed to fit perfectly.  My friend�s husband was so taken with Ruby and the other Greyhounds that he filled out an adoption application on the spot and ended up picking out a friendly male Greyhound to bring home, too!

Into the car we climbed, two people and two brand-new Greyhound adoptees!  And off we went.  Seeing as it was only 7 o� clock in the morning, we stopped for some quick breakfast sandwiches.  We decided to eat them while we drove to save time.  Before I�d driven half a block, a sleek black nose slid over the back seat and grabbed half my sandwich!  I will never forget the quick snap of my Ruby�s teeth on my sandwich that morning!  Oh, what a blessing she has been in my life.  I�ve had dogs all my life, but I will never be without a Greyhound from now on.  Ruby was joined this last September 2001 by a comical male Greyhound named Reason.  I adopted him from a group in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho since it was so very close to where I live.  Ruby and Reason are the best of friends now and help make my life complete.

I would like to say thank you to everyone at Recycled Racers, for giving me such a wonderful addition to my family.

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