Dec. 2014


New Greyhounds have not made it onto the web site. They're getting adopted quickly by their fosters.  Thank you for fostering & adopting.

Floyd has been adopted!
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This is Floyd.  He is a very good looking large sized Brindle Greyhound male.  His racing name was GM's Floyd and he was born 5/22/2008.  He is very happy, playful and friendly.  Floyd really loves to play in the yard outside with the other Greyhounds.  He really has an outgoing personality.  Floyd is not cat or small dog safe.


Cassie has been adopted!
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This is Cassie.  She is a very small sized, beautiful Brindle Greyhound female.  Her racing name was Ogallala Kiss and she was born on 7/26/2003.  She is a very friendly female with a calm personality.  She was returned due to her adopter's illness.  She is very good on the leash and house broken.  Cassie is so calm we think she is probably cat and small dog tolerant, but she will be cat tested again soon to find out.  This sweet little girl is so mild and very easy to care for.  She loves nice children and other dogs too.  If you are interested in adopting a dog, then read our How to Adopt a Greyhound web page to learn about our adoption process.


Fannie has been adopted!
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This is Fannie.  She is a medium sized Black Greyhound female with a silver face.  Her racing name was GS Fantasia and she was born on 1/20/2004.  This sweet female was a brood mama who had puppies.  She really loves everyone and has a very nice calm personality.  She LOVES to take walks.  Fannie is great with small and large dogs and is Ok with cats as well.  She is spotless in the house and will make a very nice companion.


* Important Notice *

Recycled Racers, Inc. plans to get more dogs in mid 2015.  We always need more foster homes, so please help us save more Greyhounds and become a foster home today.  We will provide the dog food, a large crate and any other supplies you may need.  All you have to do is provide love for a homeless Greyhound.  Call us now at 303-908-3675 to find out how to become a foster home.


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