Get 'Adopt A Greyhound' Colorado license plates now!

Back in 2000, Chris Tedford, a long-time supporter of Greyhound Adoption, had the great idea to submit a request to the state of Colorado for a new "Special Interest" license plate for Greyhound lovers.  To get the ball rolling, the new license plate application fee was donated by Recycled Racers, RMGA, and CGC.  After the design and all the application paper work was submitted, Chris then collected and submitted an initial list of over 250 names of people who wanted the new special interest plate, and then did all the follow up.  It took nearly a year, but the "Adopt A Greyhound" license plates were made available in August of 2001!

Colorado now has a plate to honor our adopted Greyhounds!  After Virginia, Colorado is only the second state to have a Greyhound license plate.

You don't have to wait until your normal tag renewal period to pick up the new Greyhound plates.  Go to your local Colorado Motor Vehicle Office and get the new "Adopt A Greyhound" plates.  The amount of registration you pay will be pro-rated if you re-new early.

There should be a supply of "Adopt A Greyhound" Plates at each county office, but call first to be sure the office you plan to visit has them!  If one office is out of the "Adopt A Greyhound" plates then call another location.  If they have run out, more can be ordered.

The official name is "Greyhound Lovers" Special Interest plate.  It is issued to passenger, light truck, recreational truck, farm truck or motorhomes.  There are no special requirements to obtain these Special Interest plates.  There is a one-time charge of $25.00 to get the new plates.  Two plates are issued and must be displayed on the front and rear of the vehicle, and the replacement fee is $10.00.

The "Adopt A Greyhound" plates are popping up on a lot of Colorado cars!  Our hope is that the general public will help promote Greyhound adoption buy getting these wonderful Greyhound plates for their vehicles.  In order to keep the plates available, the minimum count of 350 sets of plates must be maintained yearly.

Recycled Racers, RMGA nor CGC make ANY money from the ordering or use of this Colorado Special Interest license plate.  Getting these plates is simply a fun way to help spread the word and raise awareness about Greyhound adoption.  So help Greyhound adoption and go get your Colorado "Adopt A Greyhound" license plates now!  All the Greyhounds thank you!!

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