I've Already Adopted, What Else Can I Do?

When you take your Greyhound(s) for a walk, or anywhere with you, be prepared to answer questions about the breed and Recycled Racers.  Doing informal Meet-n-Greets with interested people is one of the easiest ways to promote Greyhound adoption.

Remember to tell people to look at our web site, RecycledRacers.org to learn more about ex-racing Greyhounds, how to adopt one, and to view photos of available Greyhounds.



Participate in Our Meet-n-Greet Program

Recycled Racers needs more people and their Greyhounds to participate in our Meet-n-Greet program.  If you are a Recycled Racers Greyhound adopter, then please consider attending (with your Greyhound) any of our Meet-n-Greets!  Please check out our Meet-n-Greet page for location info and contact names.



If I Can't Adopt, How Can I Help?

If you are not a Recycled Racers Greyhound adopter, then you can help us by reading our Greyhound FAQ web page to learn about the common questions people ask about this breed.  Then tell everyone you meet how to get to our web site RecycledRacers.org to learn more and view photos of available Greyhounds.

Or you can help us fill our Foster Hounds Wish List.  You can buy the supplies yourself, or collect supplies we need from friends or neighbors.  This is something the kids can help with also and it really helps us in a big way!

In general, people tend to believe that as individuals, they can't do much to "make a difference" in the world today, but you really can make a huge difference for ex-racing Greyhounds waiting for homes!



Become a Foster Home

Help us save more Greyhounds and become a foster home. We provide the dog food, crate, dog bed and other supplies you'll need. All you have to do is provide the love for a homeless Greyhound. Please call Recycled Racers at 303-908-3675 or email us at Greyadopt1@aol.com if you want more info on becoming a foster home for a Greyhound in need.



Support Greyhound Adoption!

Get a Set of "Adopt A Greyhound" License Plates

We hope that once the "Adopt A Greyhound" plates start popping up on more Colorado cars, that lots of people will want Greyhound plates for their car or truck.  Let your license plates advertise Greyhound adoption when you drive your car!

The state of Colorado will not make any more "Adopt a Greyhound" license plates, unless the minimum count of 300 sets of plates is purchased by Colorado car drivers.  Please, do your part to help keep these special plates available and put a set on every car and truck you own!

The Greyhounds thank you!



Purchase from Vendors that Help Support Us

Recycled Racers earns commissions when you purchase items from the vendors located at the bottom of our "Greyt Links" page.  Check them out and remember all of your purchases made by following their links, will benefit Recycled Racers Greyhound Adoption and help us continue our efforts of finding the best homes for our ex-racers!  Go have a "greyt" time shopping!



Search Amazon.com for the perfect book or item!

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Thank You

A most sincere thank you to all who adopted a Greyhound and to all who give endlessly of their time, energy and funds.  It is people like you who are the heart of our organization and we couldn't do this without you!


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