Make a Tax Deductible Donation

If you can not adopt a retired racing Greyhound, but still want to help these wonderful dogs, then please consider sending a tax deductible donation to Recycled Racers, Inc.  Your donation can make a difference!

Recycled Racers Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit tax-exempt organization.  Were it not for the generous donations of money and the help of our veterinarians, Greyhound adopters, and volunteers, we would not be able to carry on.

Veterinary care is our biggest expense, and dealing with injured or sick Greyhounds has become a huge hurdle to overcome.  We have treated severe spinal injuries, requiring expensive diagnostics, as well as severe nail bed infections.  The everyday medicating of stomach upsets, worming, parasites, dental problems, etc. is expensive but necessary in order to provide our hounds with the best possible start on their road to "pethood".

This is why we are asking you to help a retired racing Greyhound by sending in your tax deductible donation, or better yet, become a member of Recycled Racers today!

Thank you very much for your help and support!

Do not send cash.
Make checks or money orders payable to Recycled Racers, Inc.

Recycled Racers
ATTN: Donations
PO Box 1665
Commerce City, Colorado 80037

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