Greyhound Quiz

Test your Greyhound knowledge!

1. How many times does a Greyhound's heart circulate its entire blood volume during a 30 second race?
A) 2.
B) 3.
C) 4.
D) 5.

2. The Greyhound is among the fastest of all land mammals.  How fast can one run?
A) 40-45 MPH
B) 35 MPH
C) 25 MPH
D) 18 MPH

3. Is the Greyhound the only breed of dog mentioned in the Bible?
A) Yes
B) No

4. What is this breed's best known nickname?
A) Hyper Harry
B) Scaredy-Dog
C) Couch potato
D) Skinny Puppy

5. In Homer's, The Odyssey, Odysseus had a Greyhound by the name of:
A) Hecate
B) Argus
C) Arrianus
D) Actaeon

6. Some of the chemicals commonly found in flea collars can, in a Greyhound cause:
A) Nausea
B) Convulsions
C) Death
D) All of the above

You can learn more about Greyhounds by reading our FAQ page.
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