Researching Your Greyhound's Pedigree
the Racing Name is the First Step


Many Greyhound adopters find it interesting to do research on their Greyhound's racing career, pedigree and to locate littermates.  When you adopt from Recycled Racers, we give you your Greyhound's NGA certificate of registration which lists the dog's birth date, right and left ear tattoos, 3 generation pedigree, racing name, bertillon (markings and color of dog) and the registered record owner.  The information provided by this certificate is very important in doing further research on your Greyhound's past.

One very important piece of information is knowing the exact spelling of your Greyhound's racing name.  With that piece of info, you should be able to look up his/her racing records, find out the names of litter mates, and find a long pedigree which goes back many generations.

If you do not have the Greyhound's exact racing name or the NGA certificate of registration, then call or email the NGA and give them your Greyhound's left and right ear tattoo information.  If you can't read your Greyhound's ear tattoos because the ink has faded, then get a flashlight and shine it through the back of the dog's ear.  Once you have the tattoos, call the NGA at (785) 263-4660 or email them at and they will provide your Greyhound's NGA registration certificate information.

The left ear tattoo is the dog's 5 digit litter registration number.  The right ear tattoo represents the month, year and order in which the puppies in that litter were tattooed.  For example, one of my Greyhound's, Taz, (racing name = Ultra Task) has these tattoos: 13667 in his left ear, and 72H in his right ear.  That means his litter registration number is 13667 and all his brothers and sisters will have this same registration number in their left ears.  His right ear tattoo shows his birth month is 7 (July), his birth year is 2 (2002) and he was the 8th puppy in his litter to be tattooed (thus H is his litter designation).


NGA five Generation Pedigree


You can order your Greyhound's five generation pedigree from the NGA.  As of 2005, the cost was $15.00 (US) which included shipping, but please contact the NGA, to confirm pricing and for ordering info.  The National Greyhound Association's official Greyhound pedigree is an official document of the NGA, and is signed by the Keeper of the Stud Book.  The pedigree goes back five generations and lists the volume number and year the Greyhound's ancestors were registered with the NGA.  The Pedigree is printed on 25 percent cotton, 8-1/2 x 11 inch recycled paper and suitable for framing.  To see what one looks like click,


Do a Search at
View Your Greyhound's Family Tree


The breeding database offers you a five-generation pedigree with red marked inbreeding.  By clicking the offspring or parents, you can move dynamically through the generations.  Most of the data is from Australia, America, Ireland, Great Britain and the European Continent, with the oldest pedigrees going back to 1790.  Therefore, you will see how the great Greyhounds are bred.  In fact, in many sire lines you can even travel back to a common ancestor, King Cob, whelped in 1839.

Just go to and click the "Dog Search" link.  When that page loads up, enter your Greyhound's racing name.  Be sure you enter the Greyhound's complete racing name just as it is spelled on his/her NGA paperwork.  If your Greyhound is not listed, and you have all of your Greyhound's NGA information then you can enter the information and upload photos yourself.  You will have to register at to upload or change any Greyhound's info (registration is free).

This data base is a work-in-progress so you can help complete the record of any racing Greyhound there, if you have valid information.

I entered photos and personal notes on a few of my Greys at  Go take a look at my Greyhounds:
Commander Gent (Scotch),
Aquila Billybump (Duke),
BelsBarneyRubble (Barney),
Ultra Task (Taz),
Granny (Granny Girl)
Al E Babalou (Bob)


Find Your Greyhound's Littermates at
the Greyhound Littermates List Web Site


The goal of the Greyhound Littermates List is to find and reunite Greyhound littermates and their adoptive families.  Unlike other breeds of dogs or cats who are only with their littermates for the first 6 or 8 weeks of their lives, Racing Greyhound litters are raised together for the first 18 months or more of their lives.  It stands to reason, they would not easily forget each other.  This very informative web site is dedicated to finding long lost littermates of our beloved retired racing Greyhounds.  Check it out and add your Greyhound's info today!


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