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Another service the NGA provides is allowing adopters to officially register their retired Greyhound as a "pet" and transfer ownership of the retired racing Greyhound to the adopter's name in the NGA registry.  This is NOT necessary to adopt an ex-racer, but is fun to do, and it helps support Greyhound adoption.  For $30.00 (US), you receive a beautiful, suitable for framing registration certificate that carries all pertinent information on your Greyhound pet: official NGA name, pet name (optional), color, sex, whelping date, two-generation pedigree, complete bertillons (color & markings) and your name now listed as the official owner.

Click this link to go to the National Greyhound Association web site or email the NGA at to learn how to order your blue NGA Pet Transfer application.

After you receive your blue NGA Pet Transfer application, fill it out completely and mail it to your Greyhound's NGA "Record Owner".  The NGA will give you the mailing address of your Greyhound's "Record Owner".  Then the "Record Owner" must sign the blue Pet Transfer application and mail it back to you, and you then mail the completed application and $30.00 to the NGA (their address is listed on the blue Pet Transfer application).

There are no guarantees that your Greyhound's NGA "Record Owner" will cooperate, but it helps if you write a short, courteous letter explaining your request to transfer ownership to you and also include a self addressed stamped envelope.  If you make it easy on the owner, you increase your odds of them signing the blue Pet Transfer application and mailing it back to you quickly.

$10.00 of the $30.00 fee will be sent by the NGA to the Greyhound pet agency of your choice when you register your Greyhound as a pet.  If you would like the $10.00 donation to be mailed to Recycled Racers, then provide our mailing address (listed below) to the NGA on your completed and signed blue Pet Transfer application.

Recycled Racers, Inc.
PO Box 1665
Commerce City, CO 80037


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