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Go to and click the "Races" link.  When that page loads up, enter your Greyhound's racing name.  Then your Greyhound's races will be listed.

Now that you have printed out your Greyhound's Performance Lines and Race Charts, you are probably wondering how to interpret all the different abbreviations and symbols.  Below you will find a guide to understanding and reading your Greyhound's Race Charts and Performance Lines, which will give you a real understanding of your Greyhounds past racing career.



How to Read Performance Lines and Race Charts


Explanation and Diagram of a Performance Line.


Performance Lines: are all of your Greyhound's races with the bare minimum of information, listed as just a single horizontal line.  To read, just start at the right and scan all the way to the end of the line.  Each line = one race.

This Performance Line and the Race chart below it, represent the same race run by retired racing Greyhound Wix Harrington on 6/11/03.


Track Name Abbreviation - MH=Mile High, PU=Pueblo, CL=Clover Leaf.
Date of Race
Performance - A=Afternoon, E=Evening, S=Schooling/training race.
Race Number
Distance of Race - in feet.
Track Condition - F=Fast (normal), W=Wet (standing water), S=Slow (muddy).
Winning Time
Set weight - Greyhound must weigh-in within 1 1/2 pounds of their Set Weight.
Post Position - the number dog is wearing in race/start box position.
Position Out of the Box - the break.
Position at First Turn - the first call.
Position at Far Turn - the top of the stretch.
Finish Position by Lengths - margin of victory or defeat in lengths.
Greyhound's Race Time
Odds to $1.00
Grade of Race - S=Schooling, M=Maiden, D, C, B, A, AA.
Chart Writer's Comments
Top Four Finishing Greyhounds
Number of Greyhounds in This Race

Explanation and diagram of a Race Chart.


Race charts: show your Greyhound's races as complete charts, with all of the race information listed for each dog in that race.


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