Recycled Racers has created a suggested reading list.  We strongly suggest that every adopter and potential adopter read one or all of the following books:

Adopting the Racing Greyhound (3rd edition) - by Cynthia A. Branigan
Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies - by Lee Livingood or
Greyhounds: A Complete Pet Owner's Manual - by D. Caroline Coile

The above books come highly recommended, make excellent reference books and will help you establish a good working knowledge of this special breed.

- Additional Reading continued -

  • The Reign of the Greyhound - Hardcover 2nd edition
    By Cynthia A. Branigan  (Howell Book House)
    List Price: $24.99 Price: $17.49 editorial review:
    Written by well-known and respected Greyhound expert Cynthia Branigan, The Reign of the Greyhound is a highly readable, thoroughly researched history of this noble breed.  This updated 2nd edition (published December 15, 2003) features a new chapter on the current state of ex-racer adoptions, as well as newly unearthed historical information and more spectacular examples of Greyhounds in art throughout the ages.

    Full of fascinating facts, historical context, racing lore, and myth debunkers, The Reign of the Greyhound traces the Greyhound�s richly detailed life story, from its ancient origins to the current popularity of owning a former racer as a companion animal.  Branigan�s passion for and firsthand knowledge of Greyhounds shines through on every page as she discusses these affectionate, athletic, yet gentle dogs.  Branigan introduces us to the many branches of the breed�s family tree, notes the Greyhound�s place in Greek and Roman mythology, and traces the evolution of the Greyhound from sacred companion to racing dog to family pet.  You�ll discover how, thanks to the effort of dedicated, caring people, many ex-racers now have a new lease on life through adoption programs--and why Greyhounds so captivate their owners with their speed, grace, and sensitivity.

    Featuring more than 100 striking black-and-white illustrations, including Greyhounds in art, famous Greyhounds, and racing photos from yesteryear, The Reign of the Greyhound is the authoritative, celebratory reference of choice for Greyhound adopters and enthusiasts alike.

  • The Complete Book of Greyhounds - hardcover edition
    By Julia Barnes  (Hungry Minds, Inc.)
    *Out of Print - Limited Availability*   Price: $11.98 customer review:
    Very comprehensive and complete book about almost all aspects of Greyhounds from ancient history to Ballyregan Bob the British racing champion, from Ch. Treetops Hawk the show champion to Cynthia Branigan the adopter of retired racers.  Racing, coursing, AKC (show) Greyhounds are all discussed in detail.  The best thing of all: most chapters are written by experts in their respective fields.  It is well organized and loaded with wonderful color photos!

  • Greyhound Tales: True Stories of Rescue, Compassion and Love
    By Nora Star (Editor)  (Lost Coast Press)
    List Price: $15.95 Price: $10.85 customer review:
    The stories in this book truly represented the loving and loyal nature of these dogs.  All of the adoptive parents who shared their stories paralleled my experiences of what it means to be a lucky owner of one of these regal beings.  To be graced with the love of a Greyhound is a singular life experience, so I am especially thankful that I was allowed to interact with these animals on a day-to-day basis in a career that spanned 12 years.

    I was a Greyhound trainer during this time and would have liked to have read a little less about the "atrocities" that face the racing greyhound.  As in every business, there are people who do not operate ethically or humanely, but these people are very few and far between.  They are held up as examples by people who are not intimately aware of the dog racing industry's strive towards responsible breeding, racing, and training of these animals.  To hear that "10's of thousands" of the dogs are euthanized annually makes my head spin.  The simple fact is that breeders do not raise that many pups per year, so that number is astronomically inflated.  It is true that some dogs are euthanized, but it is never a choice that is made quickly, easily or without regret.

    The people who run adoption kennels know the hard work involved in caring for these dogs and I graciously thank them for taking on such a noble cause.  I would like to see that respect go both ways and read more stories that reflect the close bonds that can and do establish between kennel owners, trainers, adoption kennels and those who adopt a Greyhound.  To always focus on the minority does nothing but miss-educate those who are not as informed.  I am looking forward to another book, one that will include some of the "good guys" who take care of these animals daily.

  • Therapy Dogs: Training Your Dog to Help Others - 2nd edition
    By Kathy Diamond Davis  (Dogwise Publishing)
    List Price: $19.95 Price: $13.57 editorial review:
    The 2nd edition has been completely updated and revised.  It includes a definition of "therapy dog", a list of the major therapy dog organizations, an annotated bibliography of useful dog behavior and training books and web sites, and an index.  New in the 2nd edition is also a detailed outline for teaching therapy dog classes.  The value of using dogs for "animal assisted activities" in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation programs, schools and other settings is now well-recognized.  The reader will learn whether he/she is right for this work, how to select, socialize and train the family dog for therapy work and how to get a therapy dog program started.  "Therapy Dogs" the 2nd edition, also has excellent information about safety, liability, working with the elderly, disabled and children.  This book is also a useful tool for facilities considering inviting therapy dog teams to work with their clients.

  • The Canine Good Citizen - 2nd edition
    By Jack & Wendy Volhard  (Howell Book House)
    List Price: $14.95 Price: $10.17 editorial review:
    The Volhards' gentle approach to training teaches all owners how to establish an ongoing rapport between dog and owner.  Regardless of whether the goal is a Canine Good Citizen certificate (which is usually required for certification in Therapy Dog work), this book thoroughly explains the basic information that every dog owner should know and understand.  It's a great book for someone just starting out and it's a good review of the basics for those who have been there, done that.  The well explained training methods work and the added information about how your dog views the world will help you understand why some of the things you might currently be doing aren't working.  This second and revised edition contains all the latest requirements for any dog, purebred or mixed. to earn a CGC title.

  • Dogs Never Lie About Love - paperback
    By Jefferey Moussaieff Masson  (Random House)
    List Price: $14.00 Price: $10.50 celebrity review:
    "The best-selling author of "When Elephants Weep" explores the rich inner landscape of "our best and truest friend".  "This searingly honest appraisal of man's best friend will cause many people to think about dogs in an entirely different way".--Dr. Jane Goodall.

  • The Loss of a Pet: New Revised and Expanded Edition
    By Dr. Wallace Sife  (Howell Book House)
    List Price: $14.99 Price: $10.19 editorial review:
    Dr. Sife, a New York-based psychotherapist and the founder of the Association for Pet Bereavement, addresses the pet owner whose grief at a pet's death is largely misunderstood or even ridiculed by friends, associates and society in general.  He defines the stages of grieving, using case studies to demonstrate those instances where expressions of mourning mask deeper problems.  He composes dignified remarks to those who launch a "perceived assault" on the reader's grief; explains why the rupture of a human-animal bond can be so devastating; offers specific techniques for dealing with anger; explores the special needs of children whose pets die; presents various factors involved in considering euthanasia, including such particulars as whether or not it is beneficial to remain with the pet until its final breath; and polls leaders of various religions.  This book is a superb contribution to a growing field.

  • When Your Pet Dies:
    Dealing With Your Grief and Helping Your Children Cope

    By Christine Adamec  (
    List Price: $12.95 Price: $12.95 editorial review:
    This book has very good advice on helping children cope, practical information about helpful organizations, and words of comfort from pet owners and counselors.  This reassuring volume can help you get through this time of crisis and realize that you are not alone.  It is a compassionate manual for bereaved pet owners and helps readers cope with the loss of cherished animal companions, providing a guide through the grieving process, offering advice on helping children deal with death, and sharing words of comfort and solace.

  • Blessing the Bridge:
    What Animals Teach Us About Death, Dying, and Beyond

    By Rita M. Reynolds  (NewSage Press)
    List Price: $13.95 Price: $10.46 customer review:
    Those who are dying are often the best equipped to teach us about the mysteries of death and the wonder of living.  There is no exception with animals.  Rita Reynolds has worked with sick and dying animals for over 20 years at her animal sanctuary in Virginia.  Not only has she comforted a wide variety of animals in their final hours, helping them to die with peace, grace and dignity, but she has listened to them and learned.  As Rita was to learn in all matters of life and death, there is only the moment - and, "love given and received, moment by moment, is all that really matters."

    Reynolds' book is both a spiritual and practical guide.  Including her personal story of creating a hospice as well as the stories of many animals who have shared their wisdom and insights, Rita also suggests a variety of tools for helping sick, old or dying animals - from prayers and flower essences to massage, chants and healing music.  As we help our animals to be comfortable, to lose fear and transition effortlessly, gracefully (or, as each body needs to do - sometimes with noise and fanfare) across the bridge called death, we lessen the fear within ourselves.

    She covers difficult topics as well: how to know when euthanasia is appropriate, how to let go of a beloved animal companion, what to do once an animal has passed, and how to open to the larger understanding that death can be beautiful and that each being, human and animal alike, brings us a unique gift.

    - Greyhound Books for Children -

  • The Adventures of Buddi the Greyhound: Finding a Family
    By Tara Tisopulos  (Great Dog Publishing)
    Reading level: Ages 4-8
    List Price: $10.00 Price: $10.00 editorial review:
    Buddi is an undefeated racing Greyhound who makes a rash decision when he hears about another undefeated racing Greyhound he�s scheduled to race.  Buddi has no interest in being a family pet, but he puts himself up for adoption and leaves the dog-track and the only life he�s ever known just to keep his winning streak intact.  On his way out of the track, however, Buddi discovers he�s not fooling anyone and that, instead of retiring as a champion, he�s seen as creeping away like a coward.  Much to his surprise, Buddi discovers he loves his new family and his new life as a pet and he soon finds himself forced to decide between returning to the track to regain his honor as a champion or losing his new family!

    - Great Videos -

  • The Tellington TTouch for Happier, Healthier Dogs - VHS Video Tape
    Featuring: Linda Tellington-Jones
    List Price: $29.95 Price: $29.95   

    In this video, Linda Tellington-Jones works with ten dogs at a four-day clinic, you'll see how the dogs learned and changed.  Then Linda's sister Robyn Hood clearly demonstrates how to do the circular touches, lifts, and other techniques of the Tellington TTouch.  You can sit in front of the TV with your dog and practice, using this section.

  • Canine Massage - VHS Video Tape
    By: Patricia Whalen-Shaw, M.A., L.M.T
    List Price: $39.95 Price: $39.95   

    In this video by Patricia Whalen-Shaw an experienced licensed massage therapist, you will learn the relaxation massage techniques of canine massage.  Your dog will love you for it!

  • Woof! Woof!:
    Uncle Matty's Guide to Dog Training
    - VHS Video Tape
    By: Matthew Margolis, dog training expert
    List Price: $19.95 Price: $19.95   

    Host Matthew Margolis teaches with humor, warmth, and authority when talking both to his pupil dogs and to his audience.  He does scold some of his example pet owners, mostly for not being diligent enough about enforcing doggie boundaries and rules.  Woof Woof, presents several scenarios familiar to a dog owner, including selecting a dog at a breeder or the pet shelter, teaching sit-stay-heel, and generally having more control over Fido when out walking him.  He stresses the aphorism that it is not the breed that is vicious or willful, but the treatment of the dog that determines behavior.  His philosophy is that "love, praise, and affection" and a good leash will get one far in gently enforcing an owner's control.  He demonstrates in some almost-too-good-to-be-true situations in which a playful and undisciplined puppy completely submits to sit-stay, even when his real owner calls to him from across the room in an attempt to distract him.  Another demonstration has Margolis taming an aggressive pit bull by speaking gently to the dog while distracting him with a lesson in "heel-sit."  The video includes discussion on behavior problems, not just solving them, but really getting to the root of them.

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