Recycled Racers has created a suggested reading list.  We strongly suggest that every adopter and potential adopter read one or all of the following books:

Adopting the Racing Greyhound (3rd edition) - by Cynthia A. Branigan
Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies - by Lee Livingood or
Greyhounds: A Complete Pet Owner's Manual - by D. Caroline Coile

The above books come highly recommended, make excellent reference books and will help you establish a good working knowledge of this special breed.

- Recommended Reading -

  • Adopting the Racing Greyhound - 3rd edition
    By Cynthia A. Branigan  (Howell Book House)
    List Price: $15.99 Price: $10.87 customer review:
    The first and second editions of this book are excellent resources on adopting ex-racing Greyhounds.  But now, the fully updated 3rd edition (published July 2003) features ground breaking veterinary information not available anywhere else.  It includes new health information, such as warnings about tick-borne diseases and suggestions on buying veterinary insurance.  Readers will find a wealth of newly updated information on medical conditions in Greyhounds and the latest in tests and treatments.  Branigan provides a detailed history of the breed, carefully explains what to expect, personality aspects of Greyhounds, what to have on hand before you bring the dog home, how to care for a Greyhound, everything from feeding, grooming, training and how to extend the dog�s life span.  It also has a list of Greyhound adoption groups from the USA and around the globe. This book is great for reference, and excellent for introducing yourself and your family to the new, incoming family member.

  • Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies...
    By Lee Livingood  (Hungry Minds, Inc.)
    List Price: $15.99 Price: $10.87 customer review:
    A highly recommended Greyhound "how to" book for prospective Greyhound adopters and experienced Greyhound adopters.  It has beautiful photos and easy-to-read information.  It covers topics such as: determining if an ex-racing Greyhound is right for you, what to do before you bring your ex-racer home, house breaking, separation anxiety, feeding, training, history of the breed, the basics of the retired racing Greyhound and it also has very good advice for families with young children.  This is an excellent reference book for both novice and experienced Greyhound owners.


  • Greyhounds: A Complete Pet Owner's Manual - 2nd edition
    By D. Caroline Coile  (Barrons Educational Series)
    List Price: $7.95 Price: $7.16 author's review:
    This is the second edition of the book that has already been adopted by adoption groups and acclaimed by owners.  It has all-new pictures and a completely re-written text incorporating the latest information about greyhound health, physiology, nutrition, and behavior.  Included is a special Health Checklist for you to photocopy and use to give your dog a home check-up, and a special Greyhound Medical Synopsis outlining greyhound differences in physiology for you to photocopy and give to your veterinarian.  The first edition was good (now out-of-print)...but this 2nd edition is great!

    - Additional Reading -

  • The Ultimate Greyhound - hardcover edition
    Edited by Mark Sullivan  (Hungry Minds, Inc.)
    List Price: $34.95 Price: $23.07 customer review:
    This British book is a wellspring of information and is superbly illustrated with wonderful photos!  This book provides a generous background into the history and origins of the Greyhound as well as origins of Coursing, Track Racing and the development of the Conformation Standard for Greyhounds in both the AKC and UKC.  It shares information on the care and upbringing of this breed from different Countries (USA, Ireland, the UK and Australia), covering ALL aspects of conformation (show-dogs) and for the track.  The Ultimate Greyhound also covers reasons for retirement, troubleshooting both health and common behavioral problems, giving insight into their cause as well as their cures.  An excellent book if you have a Greyhound, want a Greyhound or just want more info.

  • Greyhound - hardcover edition
    By Ann Finch, Photography by Steve Nash  (Trafalgar Square)
    List Price: $8.95 Price: $8.95 customer review:
    Anne Finch has packed a lot of information into this book; from Greyhound history, adopting a retired racer, living with a Greyhound, to the last years of this noble creature.  Steve Nash's photography is excellent and the photos alone easily make this book worth the price.  This book is an excellent resource for people considering Greyhound adoption and a "must have" in the library of all who are owned and loved by a Greyhound.

  • There's A Baby in the House:
    Preparing your Dog for the Arrival of your Child

    Written and published by Michael Wombacher
    List Price: $16.95 Price: $14.41 author's review:
    This book is the product of years of work with dog owners who were expecting a baby, both to resolve child/dog issues as well as to prevent them.  The book details relationship building and explains how to eliminate annoying behaviors that would be problematic in the presence of a young child, such as counter surfing, door crashing, jumping up and so on.  There is also a section which deals with more serious behavior problems such as object guarding, fearfulness, separation anxiety, territoriality and more.  The final section explains how to prepare for your baby's arrival and teach your dog to develop powerful positive associations with him/her while at the same time exhibiting acceptable behaviors and becoming more closely integrated into the family."

  • Childproofing Your Dog
    By Brian Kilcommons  (Warner Books)
    List Price: $9.99 Price: $8.99 editorial review:
    The authors of Good Owners, Great Dogs offer advice on picking the best breed for a family dog, avoiding common dog/toddler problems, training an older dog to accept an infant, and other topics.

  • Dog Training in 10 Minutes
    By Carol Lea Benjamin  (Howell Book House)
    List Price: $14.95 Price: $10.17 editorial review:
    This author uses language that's clear and easy to follow, and a method that's logical and humane.  This book will teach readers how to understand their dog's body language/behaviors, what training equipment is needed, how to successfully teach using hand signals and voice commands such commands as: sit, down, come, heel, back-up, shake paw, speak, sing, jump, on, off, wait, leave it, turn around, watch me, find me, and many more useful commands and some comical tricks such as: close the door, get a tissue, roll over, play dead, etc.  You will learn the secrets of problem correction, how to be Alpha, how to prevent tension/aggression towards other dogs and much more.  There are 45 color photos which detail commands and 62 color drawings.

  • Dog Problems - 2nd edition
    By Carol Lea Benjamin  (Howell Book House)
    List Price: $14.95 Price: $10.17 editorial review:
    Carol Lea Benjamin, dog trainer extraordinaire and author of five books devoted to dog behavior, shares her expertise in managing unruly canines.  One quarter of America's 55 million dogs suffer from some form of serious behavioral problem, and for all those frustrated owners, Benjamin's down-to-earth, humane approach provides practical steps toward owning a healthy, happy pet.  Dog Problems outlines every conceivable canine problem, from petty larceny, chronic leg lifting, fear of random objects, aggression, begging, jumping, tugging, shyness, nervousness, fear, hyperactivity, barking, dogs in your bed and different car related problems.  Benjamin offers easily executable training methods for each predicament.  Also cited are many encouraging examples of dogs "cured" by these training methods.

  • The Dog Who Loved Too Much
    By Nicholas H. Dodman  (Bantam Books)
    List Price: $15.00 Price: $10.20 editorial review:
    The author is a veterinarian, now practicing at Tufts University, who has years of experience treating "problem" dogs.  He tells their stories here: fearful dogs (such as the dog in the title, who cannot bear to be separated from her owners), phobic dogs and dominant dogs, among others.  Dodman's personal interest in each dog and owner enhances this interesting book of how we can better understand our dog's behavior and the treatments that can help solve problem behaviors.  Dog owners and dog lovers will find this a fascinating and useful book.

  • The Other End of the Leash
    By Patricia McConnell, Ph.D  (Ballantine Books)
    List Price: $25.95 Price: $17.13 editorial review:
    This book begins with an eloquently simple premise: "All dogs are brilliant at perceiving the slightest movement that we make, and they assume each tiny movement has meaning."  With that in mind, all of Dr. Patricia McConnell's recommendations for communicating with your canine make immediate sense.  Don't we all automatically bend forward when coaxing a dog to come and play?  Break eye contact when we wish to avoid a confrontation?  While these instinctive behaviors are right on target, a number of other habits aren't so positive, and McConnell helps us break them with both humor and common sense.  Chapters are categorized by senses such as sound, sight, and smell; specific pack behaviors such as dominance and play also merit their own sections.  McConnell uses the same gentle humor and patience she recommends with dogs on her readers.  A very good book!

  • The Cautious Canine
    By Patricia McConnell, Ph.D  (Dog's Best Friend, Ltd.)
    List Price: $5.95 Price: $5.95 editorial review:
    Much aggression in dogs results from fear, but fear-based problems can become worse if treated incorrectly.  This short book provides a step-by-step explanation of desensitizing and counter classical conditioning.  It can help you solve minor behavioral problems and prevent serious ones, whether your dog fears include the vacuum cleaner, people with hats, or the stranger at the door.  The important details related to identifying exactly what triggers your dog, creating a step-by-step treatment plan, monitoring your progress, and why you need to treat the fear and not just your dog's reaction to the fear are covered.  This book is on the top ten of the Dogwise book catalog and has helped thousands of dogs and their owners around the country.

  • I'll be Home Soon:
    How to Prevent and Treat Separation Anxiety

    By Patricia McConnell, Ph.D  (Dog's Best Friend, Ltd.)
    List Price: $6.95 Price: $6.95 editorial review:
    This 36 page booklet explains the difference between dogs who truly have Separation Anxiety and those that merely misbehave and then describes a behavior modification program for the prevention and treatment of both problems.  A treasure chest of ideas for keeping your dog happy in your absence, this booklet can help prevent and treat both minor and severe behavioral problems related to dogs being "home alone."  This excellent, easy-to-read booklet is written for anyone who wants to leave the house knowing that their dog is happy alone and their house is safe.

  • How to be the Leader of the Pack...
    and Have Your Dog Love You For It

    By Patricia McConnell, Ph.D  (Dog's Best Friend, Ltd.)
    List Price: $3.95 Price: $3.95 editorial review:
    Learn how to love your dogs without spoiling them and provide boundaries without intimidation.  This excellent 12 page booklet clarifies how to be a good leader and avoid aggression related to fear or dominance.  If you want to be a natural "Alpha" leader to your pack and teach your dog that being polite is fun, this booklet explains how to do it in a peaceful way.  The ideas and exercises in this booklet are based on the way dogs communicate with each other, so they are highly effective and easy for your dog to understand. This little book is an essential part of any canine library!

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