The actual adoption process is not complicated.  First, you will need to complete our Adoption Application and fax or mail it back to us.  The application gives the adoption coordinator an idea of your lifestyle and the accommodations for the Greyhound.  You will also need to provide two personal references.

Once your Adoption Application is processed (usually within 1-2 weeks) and you are approved, an appointment will be made for you to visit the Recycled Racers adoption kennel.  This allows you to meet the Greyhounds and spend time with the dogs who are compatible with your lifestyle.  Be sure to bring along ALL family members (including children and dogs) who will be interacting with the Greyhound.

If you meet the Greyhound you want to join your household, you may then complete the adoption process and take your new friend home right away, if it has already been spayed or neutered.  If you do not meet a suitable dog, you will be placed on a waiting list until the right Greyhound arrives.  Preference for a certain color or characteristic will take longer.

Greyhounds in our adoption program have their health checked, are spayed or neutered, have their rabies vaccination updated and receive a dental cleaning prior to adoption.  Each Greyhound comes with a plastic kennel muzzle, buckle collar and a Recycled Racers ID tag with our phone number and an ID number that is unique to each individual Greyhound in our database.  Our adoption fee is $175.00 which is applied to the above costs.  You also get a professional quality 6-foot leash, matching tag collar and matching Martingale safety collar for your Greyhound, in your choice of Blue, Black, Hot Pink, Purple, Red and Neon Yellow.

Our friendly staff and knowledgeable volunteers are available to answer any questions and help you with any problems you might encounter.  However, most Greyhounds take to home life very quickly and are easy to live with.

To ease you and your new Greyhound through the transition from track athlete to house pet.  We strongly recommend that you print out and read our newly expanded online Greyhound Care Manual and buy and read at least one of the books listed below.  They are highly recommended, make excellent reference books and will help you establish a solid working knowledge of this special breed.

Adopting the Racing Greyhound - 3rd edition
By Cynthia A. Branigan  (Howell Book House)
List Price: $15.99 Price: $11.19   

The first and second editions of this book are excellent resources on adopting ex-racing Greyhounds.  But now, the fully updated 3rd edition (published July 2003) features ground breaking veterinary information not available anywhere else.  It includes new health information, such as warnings about tick-borne diseases and suggestions on buying veterinary insurance.  Readers will find a wealth of newly updated information on medical conditions in Greyhounds and the latest in tests and treatments.  Branigan provides a detailed history of the breed, carefully explains what to expect, personality aspects of Greyhounds, what to have on hand before you bring the dog home, how to care for a Greyhound, everything from feeding, grooming, training and how to extend the dog�s life span.  It also has a list of Greyhound adoption groups from the USA and around the globe.  This book is great for reference, and excellent for introducing yourself and your family to the new, incoming family member.

Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies...
By Lee Livingood  (Hungry Minds, Inc.)
List Price: $15.99 Price: $11.19   

A recommended Greyhound "how to" book for prospective Greyhound adopters and experienced Greyhound adopters.  It has beautiful photos and easy-to-read information.  It covers topics such as: determining if an ex-racing Greyhound is right for you, what to do before you bring your ex-racer home, house breaking, separation anxiety, feeding, training, history of the breed, the basics of the retired racing Greyhound and it also has very good advice for families with young children.  This is an excellent reference book for both novice and experienced Greyhound owners.


Once you experience the joy of adopting and living with an ex-racing Greyhound, you may find, as many Greyhound adopters have:

Greyhounds are like potato chips - you can't stop at just one!

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